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Effective Wheel Alignment

Ensure your wheels remain well balanced with us. Get in touch with THE TYRE SHOP, based in Palmers Green, London, for helpful wheel alignment services.
Tyre by Car - Wheel Alignment in Palmers Green, London

Awesome Alignment

Ensure your wheels are pulling together as one with our services. When a tyre is worn inside or outside at an edge, then they aren’t fully aligned. This problem is caused in situations like hitting a pothole, and it knocks your tracking off. Fortunately, we are here to take care of this issue and rectify it quickly and easily.

Brilliant Balance

Make sure new tyres are evenly weighted. When you purchase tyres, we check that the weight is evenly distributed across the tyre. By using our spin machine, we solve this problem to ensure that your tyres are fully balanced.

Contact THE TYRE SHOP for effective wheel alignment that keeps your car in balance.